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prior to going to bed last night, i reflected on how very different this year has been than the way i expected. the person i'd dated for five years and expected the fulfillment of numerous promises from suddenly left me high and dry, and i was so shut-off mad that i just ended it and started dating someone wildly different. this person is noted in dreams as "lb," and he and i had a wonderful run together this year, but it's now done, and my thoughts are drifting sometimes to my ex and those last ugly times.

accordingly, last night i dreamed that they (my old ex and his new whatever) had displaced me from my own bedroom - aggravating me to the point of homicide. why had he brought her over, a., and b., why was she in my room? (and c., why didn't i throw them out? questions, questions.) she had gone goth that day with black hair, lips, eyes, and nails, but when i cracked the door open, the bitch was wearing my skirt. i closed the door and went into the bathroom to fume. the shower door was open, and i noticed a chucky doll perched on the shower ledge with a pocket knife to its throat. what the fuck? 'that's it,' i huffed, and threw open my bedroom door to confront her. "why don't you get your own life?" i hissed. she didn't respond.

3:57 p.m. - 2004-12-23


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