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bonnie hunt ate my ice cream

i went to a holiday party with someone and got salsa on my shirt and my pants. god, i felt like such a loser! before i could wipe it off, the scene changed to a relative's house. we were just sitting around talking, nothing special. then the scene immediately changed again to the outside of a cathedral where bonnie hunt and i and a lot of others were waiting for president bush. it was raining out, and suddenly bonnie and i had bicycles and ice cream cones. i asked her to hold my cone while i rode the bike down the steps, and she did. a cop held the door open for us and we were supposed to go left to get a better view of the prez., but for some reason we went right and pedaled away from everything. i asked her if she was irish and she said yes. (why did that matter? i don't even think she is.) i felt relieved. i never did get my ice cream back, though.

2:20 p.m. - 2004-12-24


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