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beyonce and ray charles

i flounced up the steps of the hotel college on campus and suddenly became beyonce with the megawatt smile, sparkly dress and everything. the stairs and the school were gone, replaced by a maze-like theater where ray charles sat at the top in a wheelchair. i saw him and blushed, my smile and his growing bigger with every footstep. when i was within ten feet of him, ray fell out of his wheelchair. i was stunned. he just fell right out, and my first thought was, "not again." he was picked up by the bodyguards and put right again, but i turned away and walked down the ramps. i passed a trashcan with some candy on top, some sweet tarts or something, and ate a few pieces. 'that's me, a real sweet tart,' i thought. a paper plate materialized, i took all the candy, and i didn't look back.

2:27 p.m. - 2004-12-22


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