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Prince does Zooropa & I do nothing

Prince was doing a show outdoors somewhere, promoting a new album. The event had already been canceled once, which the stranger next to me thought was a publicity stunt. I described the event as being like Zooropa. He said, what? I was talking out of my ass and was now on the spot. I said, it’s like 1993 or 1992. It made no sense. Just shut up and enjoy the moment. The scene changed to work, but it was not my workplace. Somehow I “ran out” of captions but the speaker was still going of course. They had taken away the technical difficulties button and I was just sitting there like an astronaut who somehow got outside the ship, still connected but floating in nothingness. I thought about trying to use the code anyway, but how can you use something that no longer exists? I tried flagging down supervisors but no one cared. I was increasingly demanding that someone help me, and several people came around but what could they do? Somehow I had gotten a plate of blueberries and was arranging them in sad patterns to comfort myself.

8:00 a.m. - 2019-12-11


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