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Spring cleaning off Highview

I walked through a neighborhood early in the morning where children were being brought back home from school in their Halloween costumes. I didn’t think it was actually Oct 31 but the kids were milling about. I took a shortcut through someone’s yard and ended up hiding briefly in the bushes because some older kids were coming. I was in no mood to be seen evidently. This is a common theme in my dreams, I am always hiding in the bushes! I realized my father had purchased a house nearby and went over there. I went into the first bedroom to find the mattress lightly covered in blood, like period blood. I was mortified and went about trying to clean it with bleach. There was a box on top of the mattress that people kept showing up to file away folders, including T and Ben Affleck. The only connection between them is alcoholism, maybe that’s why he keeps showing up in my dreams? The box felt like it was permanently installed on the mattress so I didn’t try to move it. I had no interest in its contents, I was just cleaning around it. It seemed like as I assessed the mess, there was more blood than I thought.

8:41 a.m. - 2019-12-12


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