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happy in a shithole

another dream about dating someone else, this time a skinny dark haired man i really liked (probably r. from work who is gay). i was living in a large apartment in a shitty neighborhood. there was some yellow wallpaper that i had painted a deep purple, and i was just enjoying my life. i borrowed my brother's car to go pick someone up, then came back home and tried many times in vain to lock a side door that led out into the hallway. the lock just wouldn't stick! i put my whole weight on it and turned the lock, but it just opened up again. i went through the door and discovered that s.s. from high school was living there too. i did ask myself, "why would she be living on f. street??" but my door opened up on a nice dining/laundry room that i never knew existed.

later i threw a party for some of my neighbors. i cornered one of the men and pleaded for help with "the purple" because i was planning to move out the next day, and would i have to repaint it first? he said he didn't know. then i made a gigantic hotdog for the kid from "eight is enough" and put way too much ketchup on it. he was supposed to split it with some other kids, but they wouldn't touch it either because of the ketchup. i just told them to wipe it off, heh. i had bigger problems, like the ring that i loved falling apart in hot water. apparently the beautiful middle part was glued on with elmer's glue and i had to throw it away. damn! oh well. life goes on!

10:55 a.m. - 2004-12-05


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