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another sex dream

i drove my car out of a covered parking area and into a huge rainstorm. the water was falling sideways and it was totally impossible to see through the windshield. when the weather let up, i got out of my car and went into some man's house. he was built like a wrestler, but looked more like a roadie: long, curly/stringy hair, flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off, etc. i didn't know him, but he let me inside and gave me some food. he seemed nice enough.

then my blond corporate boyfriend showed up and took me away to a party. we had some wine, gazed in each other's eyes and said some slurred romantic things. with our temps rising, we went back to my actual house and had sex in my tiny bed, but i remember being on top & feeling unsatisfied. it was like, whoopdedoo, this person doesn't do it for me. i felt an obligation to "finish" it, but i don't know if i did. i just remember the conscious feeling of being in love but sexually unimpressed.

7:48 p.m. - 2004-12-04


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