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my brother and i regressed to childhood and went to swim in an olympic-sized pool. all the drain covers were off and we had to hop over the holes. i walked around and around the pool trying to decide where to jump in: at 8 feet or 13? it was a tough call as i generally hate deep water. a really hot swim instructor appeared out of nowhere and goaded me to get in at 13. it was less crowded there, but the depth made me nervous. i got into a lane at 8 feet and swam its entire length. my arms were whomped after about a mile, but i kept plugging along. when i reached the wall, i looked up at a leader board and saw, "lane 8: closed," as if i had lost -- even though i hadn't been racing anyone. i felt sort of disappointed, like no one cared. i planned to swim all the way back but i woke up first.

2:01 p.m. - 2004-12-07


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