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recently i found myself talking to the secretary of my office about a group of telemarketers from the office just under ours, on the first floor. they hang out in front of their office, behind the stairwell like trolls, and on the stairs that lead to the parking garage. one woman in particular reminds me in some way of mrs. potts the teapot from _beauty in the beast_, although her most salient feature is the bun she wears on top of her head. last night i dreamed that she was trying to kill me or something, jumping from a moving vehicle to chase me into the parking garage, through the stairwell and inside various offices in the complex. why was i so desperate to escape her? we have never met and i'm sure she's harmless. she's also heavier than me, so i doubt she could've actually caught up with me. one place i ran into, a storage area within an office, had a pug stuck in a screen near the ceiling. my first thought upon seeing it was, "shit. i'm going to be stuck in this place!" i pulled the pug out and noticed some white fluid coming out of his eye. the dog spoke english, and i told him how desperate i was to get away. i opened the front door to let him out, but he was in no rush so i stuck my foot in his rear to kind of punt him outside. the dog expressed his resentment but i had no sympathy because the crazy bun lady was still out there and i did not feel safe.

10:51 p.m. - 2005-11-26


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