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i dreamed i was walking through the parking lot of some place, probably a fast food joint, feeling guilty and worried about school. i was flipping through a folder, looking for a particular thing with term paper instructions, when i came upon my brother. he was unlocking the door to his purple car when he asked if i wanted to go to the movies with him. i didn't really want to, because of the paper i had to write, but i didn't want to disappoint him.

"what do you want to see?" i asked. he said, "there are a lot of good movies out right now," but wasn't really specific. so i thought about how much money i had, what time it was, whether i could squeeze in a movie, etc. i think i said yes but i dunno. i got in my car and started driving up the road. he got in his and zoomed past me with an intense look on his face. i dunno where either of us were going.

1:58 p.m. - 2003-11-12


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