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middle east ice cream cake

dreamed that i was decorating an ice cream sheet cake with a scale model of a middle eastern city. (i was designing it from maps because, of course, i've never been there before.) the family that i was doing it for was amazed at its accuracy. it was going along fine until i ran out of a shade of robin's egg blue that i needed to continue. i had no idea what to do because it was half done and some chocolate part was melting. i was going to use colored pencils to finish up, but then had the idea of using light blue-colored peanut m&m's. i don't know how or why i thought that was going to work.

this dream is clearly a mixture of geology class with its maps, work anxiety, with the cake, and thoughts of my friend r., who is from iran.

3:47 p.m. - 2003-11-14


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