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i'd bed ya

i went to a bar with v., t.'s friend, and another guy. the other guy was skinny and hot, and i was happy to be there with him (and v.). we were hanging at the bar, just talking and whatever, when i decided i wanted to fuck them. really, it was going to be either one (not both) because i liked them both equally. so, i put the feelers out to see if they were dating anyone. the skinny guy had a girlfriend, so he was out immediately. i asked v. if he was with anyone, and he said, "kinda, yeah," and laughed. when he laughed, i noticed he had a silver tooth like the guy on the magazine from earlier in the day. well, i didn't care. he asked me if i was with anyone, and i said no. he said, "so you're a loser," and i didn't respond exactly. then he said, "well, i'd bed ya," and i was like -- good, i'm hitting it tonight.. even though he'd just called me a loser. man.

4:17 p.m. - 2003-11-11


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