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Public fail / condo / biting creature

I was outside of a grand hotel when a friend gestured that I should come over to him and take in the view at dusk. It was really beautiful from what I could see, reddish mountains in the distance, the sun settling into pinks and purples. The footing was uneven however so I went up to the concrete seating area on the property and enjoyed the peacefulness of the evening from there. The tranquility was broken when I dropped my.. avocado.. onto the floor and in short order tipped myself backward as well. The man in the mask next to me laughed. He was a youngish skinny black guy, just somebody out there ahead of me, not with me. He told me about a nightclub inside the hotel so I decided to go. When I got there some people were in costumes, some weren’t. It was more like a lounge, people sitting everywhere. The guy from outside was there, probably to watch me some more. I found out the hotel was selling condo units so I decided to take a tour. To get to the units you had to climb up the narrowest stairwell ever and also climb over a counter. I told myself this was part of its exclusivity. Not only can you probably not afford a unit, you might also break your neck trying to get to them. I woke up before we got to the model. As luck would have it I fell asleep again to find a tiny creature in a paper sack that my brother had brought home to R’wood. It was about three or four inches high, the bottom resembling the stalks of a red yucca plant and the top like an emu. It was all kind of cream colored. It was doing ok in the bag, but of course at some point we let it out and on the table it showed us about three rows of sharp teeth. I don’t know that it knew how to use its feet, or if it had feet, because it kind of fell down onto my dad’s lap and tried to bite at his pocket. We hurriedly wrestled it back into the bag and I crumpled down the top so it couldn’t get out. What were we going to do with it? We didn’t know its diet. It was a breathing thing, we couldn't throw it away. Just putting it outside didn’t seem to be an option. What if it kept growing and became a menace? I was looking out the kitchen window. No decision was made.

9:12 a.m. - 2022-10-29


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