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Mr Fancy Pants / passive aggressive

I was getting ready for a date with a fancypants, the D&G manager. (Haha.) I know for a fact I don’t own any fancy clothing that would impress this man, but I tried anyway. I put on a pair of pinstripe pants from an outdated suit (because pinstripes are timeless in my mind), and paired it with a sleeveless floral collared shirt that was satiny and pretty. I don’t seem to have bothered with jewelry or makeup, instead sifting through endless amounts of perfumes. While I was doing this my boyfriend was observing me and making wry observations. Said boyfriend watched omnisciently for a while and then openly griped about my behavior to everybody around but me. I became she, not my name. He talked about me, around me, near me, but not directly to me, about what was going in. I was an object, not a real person. I was something to be kept, but he was having trouble holding onto my attention. He could prop it up or siphon it at times, but then it would deflate. He wasn’t letting anything occur naturally. I did not make it to my date by the time I woke up.

7:25 a.m. - 2022-10-30


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