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utah in 20

dreamed that my boyfriend called and asked me to meet him and his sister, j. from work, whom i actually had some vague recollection was his sibling, in utah "for a little while" so we could "hang out, hold hands, you know... walk around." i said that it would probably take a while and that i thought it was too far, plus it was dark, and ... ehhh. but he wanted me to come so i said i would. he started to give me directions on how to get there, but i knew i was writing them down wrong. we agreed to all meet at a grocery store instead and then go together.

well, my family decided to come along with me. i was in the checkout line when my friends walked in, and for some reason i decided to point out my boyfriend to my father. "he's the one in the yellow trench [coat]," i said as they passed by. right then the checkout people went on strike and i wasn't able to complete my purchase. i thought about stealing what i wanted, but it just wouldn't have been right. so i took one of the items out from between my legs (!) and stuck it back on the shelf. (i think it was a rubber sink stopper. i... don't know why i had it .. there.)

as i rounded a corner, a woman stopped me and asked about different cakes. being the cake expert that i am, i told her that the mean baker on the other side of the glass probably would not hand over the one she wanted because he was just temporarily storing it in the cooler, that it probably had already been ordered by a restaurant patron for later in the night. she accepted my answer and felt better; so much better in fact that she and her husband invited me back to their house. i left with them immediately, not saying boo to either my father or boyfriend. for shame!

it turned out that they were other relatives of mine, something i did not immediately realize because of my incredible absent-mindedness. once at their house i realized i'd been there before, that his wife was my aunt and etc. we stepped gingerly through the soggy yard to the back door, and when my aunt opened it her pet dashed out of the house and out into freedom. i watched his mangy paws as they disappeared down the steps, wishing i could do the same. i did not try to stop him.

12:08 a.m. - 2006-08-26


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