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with dooce safely away at blogher, this morning i dreamed that i was staying with her husband and child in my grandmother's house in st. louis. it must have been dinner time because i noticed that jon had some ground beef, a bagel, and a wooden spoon in a pot on the coffee table. (roughing while mom's away??) even though it was their house, i decided to make dinner. leta toddled into the kitchen behind me and started making demands. "out!" i ordered, snatching the cheese from her fingers. she wheezed and wailed in distress, but i prevailed. just as i was scouring the refridgerator for something to cook, the phone rang. it was a telemarketer who really had nothing to say (i didn't have a monitor phone but somehow i knew what was being said.). jon finally said, "look, what can i do for you?" pause. "ok, eugene, ..." i stopped what i was doing and headed toward the living room. in my mind, i was saying, "that is not my eugene. that is a white guy and a telemarketer." i woke up as i headed down the hallway.

12:45 p.m. - 2006-08-01


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