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suburban snake wrangling

dreamed a snake ended up slithering around the upstairs of my house. where it came from, i don't know, but i realized with dead certainty that all my years of watching jack hanna were going to come in handy soon. when it crept past the makeshift bookshelf in the master bedroom, i knew it was time to leap into action. with towel in hand i grasped him under the jaw and squeezed with all my might. one of the fangs pricked my wrist, but i just squeezed that mofo harder. all of his ruby-colored venom came pouring out on my rug. "oh gross," i muttered. just then i accidentally tore off half of his mouth. "aaahh yuuucckkk," i screamed inside, "i bet that hurts so bad." i was thoroughly ready to gag. i toted the offending mouth section to the trash and woke up before capuring the rest of the rascally reptile. ewwww!

10:32 a.m. - 2006-08-29


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