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General Stonewall's humiliation

Unbelievably fucked up dream about going to the SSA office impersonating Jane, J.'s 93-year old grandmother, wearing Jane's very feminine leiderhosen that my aunt (?) forced me to wear (??) that I found in Jane's cesspool of a house that was beyond disgusting, dank and rotting and damp. I somehow owned (??) a house immediately next door that I had ignored to death also. Jsf showed up as I was walking around in this allegedly sexy liederhosen which I was absolutely mortified to be seen in public in, and also.. apparently Jane was dead. Who was going to believe this?! And dream me did not even stop and argue that I am 51 years younger than J., shouldn't that be a problem? J. was up on a ladder outside when I was leaving for the SSA. I told him I couldn't hang out, I had to go somewhere.

4:37 p.m. - 2018-08-03


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