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the k-mart near a dirty river

i think i was in a k-mart because i passed by some martha stewart products. the store was also a supermarket, something i observed while following a friend inside it. apparently she had done me wrong and i wanted to confront her.

after i tired of that, i went ring shopping in the jewelry department. this in itself is appalling enough to my snobby self, but whatever. the salesperson showed me one with beautiful aquamarine stones, but i didn't buy it.

later, i found myself on the bank of a dirty river. the sky was clouded over, and there were tons of people lining the banks on both sides. at first, i was up there with them, but then i was looking up from below (somewhere near the water). i saw a boy in yellow and orange swim trunks jump into the water from above, and an older man jump in after him. the boy was much too young to know what he was doing. shortly after, i found myself floating downstream after him. i looked at the sea of unconcerned faces that floated by. one in particular stood out; it was an older, skinny man with silver hair and a silver goatee. he looked bemused as we drifted past.

1:20 p.m. - 2003-07-31


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