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complex soup

dad, mom, aunt n., t., and grandpa and i are all together, in a car, going down harmon just past pecos. we are having a great time together. everyone looks good, for once. i admire mom's hair. grandpa is right next to me in the back seat. he's quiet. then we all go to nieman marcus for lunch. i say, "what are we doing here?" and dad gestures toward another guest of ours (who never makes it to the table). so the hostess seats us and wow -- are we packed like sardines in the booth. dad, mom, and t. are on one side and aunt n., grandpa, and i are on the other. t. offers to switch with me but i say i'm ok (real life note: i was molested by my grandfather for many years and didn't want to be around him after he was caught). the table is so low that it pinches my legs. i lift it slightly and am ok. the server comes around, and i notice she looks exactly like jane seymour. she takes our orders and we all order the same thing. after it arrives, my dad is confounded by the soup.

2:03 p.m. - 2003-07-31


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