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on the run from the cops

i arrived in stl unexpectedly and on foot, at night, in the cold, and broke. in fact, it was right after the unrelated porno shoot -- shot on the elmwood farm -- at which i'd lost something while running from the cops for filming outdoors. i ended up with a heavy jacket on that was completely covered in mud and manure. we (whoever we were) were slip-sliding all over the place. i hunkered down on the ground in the stuff, hoping not to be bothered by a cop.

i snuck into the main house and knocked politely on the bathroom door. someone was in there! grr! the chick finally came out, so i rushed in, yanked open a drawer, and pulled out my mp3 headphones. what a stupid thing to lose or care about!

with the headphones in hand, my friend and i left for stl on foot. once there, we wove through the streets by way of direction from a previous dream. a nun and her group of teens were waiting for the light to change on a corner. everyone was chatting and they said to the nun, "you're wearing the uniform." she looked down and noticed a white skirt paired with a habit. besides being mismatched, it was fucking cold out -- too cold for that ensemble.

eventually we left them and headed through alley and over chicken coops and stuff to my grandmother's, even though i had already lamented that she didn't live there anymore. we then walked right through some stranger's house, and my friend held and kissed the woman's baby.

out in the street again, we finally arrived at s. and k.'s with a pizza in hand. they had a nice 2 story house. it was so warm inside, ahh! my friend opened and closed the back door. they looked over and i said, "we're leaving now." k. said, "wait a minute and i'll go out with you," and put on her jacket. outside, she explained that they'd had to take u. home early because we'd shown up, and that that wasn't fair. so we couldn't stay over. i felt guilty. hmm, but how did they know we were coming up??

2:17 p.m. - 2003-07-31


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