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It seems I was in an unfamiliar house when I had the urge to drop some kids off at the pool. Did I get up and navigate the house like a normal person? Why no, of course not. In this bed with an ugly light brown blanket (foreshadowing), I decided to open up a large freezer bag and deposit the goods right into it. Having accomplished this task without fuss or mess, being of the solid variety, my thoughts turned to the unusual. What if I could use this as a sex toy? Specific wording: Send it back where it came from. Being alone I decided to see if it were viable. Let’s be clear, I did not remove it from the bag. I held it inside the bag and rubbed it against myself. Would it break apart? How was this going to work with the bag? Logistics… I woke up before going further. No known inspiration.

8:55 a.m. - 2022-06-15


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