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Kids in the yard

I was standing in the front yard when these two young squirts came around the corner, maybe three and four, into the yard and began asking in a persistently annoying way if they could have various things. I’d never seen them before in my life. There didn’t appear to be an adult with them so I kind of hung nearby, not really answering their requests, just supervising.. making sure they didn't touch the cactus, etc. One of them began jumping up and down saying, “Everybody knows… (gasp for air) you need a new bathroom.” How would she know this? And who is everybody? A woman in her 20s showed up, swearing good naturedly and giving me that gesture where you stick out your thumb and your pinky with your other fingers down. I said, “Do these two belong to you?” She said yes. I said, “You need to keep up with them, don’t let them wander off without you.” She didn’t have much reply. I looked off in the direction of where they’d come. There was a huge puddle of water that seemed to be moving toward my house. I was alarmed by its depth. Was it enough to flood my property? Ehh.., I looked up at the sky. A few rainclouds hung low. Maybe.

9:04 a.m. - 2022-06-17


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