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Full blown Advantage dream

2nd nap of the day yielded huge fruit. I dreamed I was working for Kim Whi—kamp who is a name stand-in for the lady on the wrong house mail, who is a stand-in herself for GWEN. If I could scream an ear-splitting scream…. Unbelievable! I dreamed I was at her house late at night, about to tackle the nightly function. I walked right into this without realizing! She had invited me to hang out with her and her husband also (hello, 2007) and I told her I would call or text when done; also, how late is too late? She said about 10:45. Okay, challenge accepted. There was ambient light but not a ton as usual. The count was being done in her living room. I pulled the pledges off the top of the fax machine (like I never did in life) and started counting the pledges. I did notice there were some from several different campaigns. The memories of a full nightly clean up were slowly coming back to me. I looked down at one of the pledges which was for $100. The card looked a little weird, barren of info. I woke up before getting any deeper into the work. Let’s see, job I haven’t performed once in 15 years….. yeah, we’re going to be way past 10:45 I suspect.

6:09 p.m. - 2022-03-25


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