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Stranded with useless gadget

I was stuck outside of a closed building on Wigwam at night with no car and only T.'s annoying TV remote/sidekick thing that I could use to call a Lyft IFFFF I could get past the menu and figure out how to use it. Do you think I could figure it out? I jiggered it this way. I jiggered it that way. I punched buttons. I sighed. I accidentally reset something for his dashboard that changed who got logs of where he went. (Probably a good thing.) I became frustrated but I kept going. Hordes of people came and went. I became insanely thirsty and saw hundreds of soft drinks, energy drinks, etc but no water. I just needed water. I woke up coughing. I never did get to call a Lyft!

8:17 a.m. - 2019-02-09


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