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Gwen is in charge again; murder

I left the company 15 years ago, yet Gwen is still in my head. She was leading a presentation on a pull-down screen that was easily two stories high. Two of her flunkies were there, one clutching a security blanket. (Haha.) I was there waiting, endlessly waiting to see what numbers she’d cooked up I guess. To kill some time I wandered outside into a ghastly night scene in front of the old TCBY on GV Pky. Loads of people were milling in and around bodies of folks killed in the street. The police were not on the scene yet. I had no fear of being hurt but I couldn’t believe no one had heard any noise or had any idea what was going on outside. I did not rush back into the building or call for help. I kept getting yelled at by a Russell Brand-type telling me what the assailant had been doing to the victims. I could see that, yep, eviscerated. I never did get back to Gwen.

9:25 a.m. - 2022-01-23


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