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Very very very fine house

I was an Asian lady living in a house semi-similar to R’wood (interior was kind of reversed, front door was reversed) when I realized something was deeply wrong I needed to get everybody out of my house that instant. Initially I thought the problem was that someone had spilled paint on the carpet, but the problem was much deeper than that. I opened the front door and the yard was flooded like a tsunami. Things were moving, just…. floating on by, and the whole street was flooded… nobody was going to be able to drive anywhere, so…. Where were they going to go? See, I told them, it’s not me, something is going on. How did I know?? I didn’t see it out the window. I realized my house was going to have water damage and be condemned. I needed to call the insurance company but I felt mentally frozen.

8:22 a.m. - 2022-01-22


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