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oldtimers in the clink

I got the key to a super low-level lockup and let everybody out. It was a cage, like a holding cell, containing men who looked like Three Stooges extras. Somehow I got ahold of some letters written before 1910 and began reading them to the group. They were encouraging and mostly said things like I love you. I needed to get them to their rightful owners. It was about that time I decided to put the prisoners back in their holding cells but I had forgotten who was in which one (there were two). A Bert Lahr-type scoffed that he had been in number two. Okay so I’m forgetful! There were no guards around for help, just me and these people. I guess we got it sorted; I remember re-locking Box 1 but I left the key on the inside. Duh..

9:01 a.m. - 2022-01-25


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