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Haunted by a strange name all night

Could not sleep all night. At least once an hour, every time I closed my eyes, there was a name of a person waiting for me to take me into a nightmare. It was the same name every time. First name was Henderson, second name started possibly with a B. It was waiting for me, like a dream on pause through every wake up. It was waiting to take me away from rest and toward crankiness, sleep deprivation and chaos. Finally I realized being in a hotel without my usual sleep aid was the culprit. Once I settled down again with my favorite audio, I felt it happening again, felt I was going crazy, like in what normal world are your thoughts consumed with just a stranger's name repeating loudly in your head and you can't stop it?? I willed myself to focus on the audio, cling to the familiar words until panic and fear could no longer control mycwakefukness, I fell asleep.

10:25 a.m. - 2017-01-14


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