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Germans are not sexy. And yet..

I was in a bedroom, somewhere, in a bed, on a rather technical basis with the one and only NS. There were no shenanigans, per se. My point of view was sitting upright under the covers, dressed, and he was sitting next to me, on top of the covers, right right next to me. He made the remark that anyone else in the world could walk in (like, say, his wife) and call shenanigans. I agreed but remarked nothing was going on. It was my house evidently and we were hanging out and nothing was going on. Just then my wall began to crack. A section of the drywall extended out kind of to the bed and cracked. Then other sections began cracking and some caught on fire. I did my no no no what's happening routine and ran over and began blowing out the tiny fires. Then I ran out of the room to go..somewhere.. "to shut the gas off," as if that would stop my house from spontaneously combusting. T was in the house, doing something random. I got the impression when I came back upstairs that this was my dad's house, not mine. To reinforce the point, we began talking about air circulation.

8:36 a.m. - 2017-01-03


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