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penis measuring, food binging

the president of my company rolled into the office unexpectedly and i seized on the opportunity to ask him all of my most burning questions. oddly enough, i don't remember if i got an answer to the most important one. i'm pretty sure i complained about my boss before the scene changed tho. must. suppress. urge. to. go. over. her. head.

the office disappeared and i was in the front yard of my best friend's house with three guys from "jackass," although i only remember chris pontius. the guys were naked and taking polaroids of themselves, and then someone had the brilliant idea of a penis measuring contest. chris won far and away with his skinny TWO FOOTER. i was both intrigued and horrified. the most disturbing revelation of the contest was that chris's glans was like a fleshy claw reaching out to grab a girl's plumbing. that TERRIFIED me! i'd wanted to fuck him before the contest, but not after!

then i had a stupid dream about binging on t.'s potato chips. he caught me red-handed and i had no excuse other than, "i was going to eat an apple, but.. ." i just couldn't stop myself.

3:28 p.m. - 2004-12-30


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