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facing extinction

my friend and i agreed to meet someone compelling on the beach at twilight even though we knew a terrible storm was brewing. not content to talk on the shore, we got into our respective boats and played frisbee back and forth near the sandbar. first my frisbee was tossed playfully under some debris, then past the sandbar. i can't say why this upset me, but it did a little. then - as if caused by the event - the scene changed abruptly to an underwater world threatened by a pure white, slithering snake-like predator. humans lived side by side with sea creatures, and one of our good friends was a brown speckled "woman" of the same species as the beast (only she was a good one). we talked in her kitchen as she pickled hot wings and gave sisterly advice. for some reason i looked out the back window and saw the dreaded beast, its root beer colored eyes staring intently at us. gah! i knew without doubt that it could burst through the window at any moment and kill us all. i hated to ruin the idyllic moment so i said nothing, but planned to put up a fight when the time came.

2:49 p.m. - 2004-12-27


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