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sarah jessica parker

i was sitting in another area of a college church than my dad and t. nevertheless, my dad decided to yell a question to me from across the room. i made a vocal rejoinder, and the whole room went, "ooohh..." and he made no response. i said to the girl next to me, "i hope that wasn't rude," and she replied, "that was the rudest thing maybe i've ever heard." i felt bad. she and i left together.

lo & behold, it was sarah jessica parker! she was getting her masters and drove this funny little car of which it was sheer hell to get the back open. like so many things in life, it was amusing for only a little while. we drove together often enough that it was rapidly becoming a pain. to get the thing open, she had to put her foot up and pull with all her might. her office was a little shack that she would pull up to, and i said, "aren't you afraid that, one day, you might drive right into it?" and laughed. she said yes, parked, and commenced pulling when her husband, matthew broderick, ambled up and offered to help. sweet relief!

1:52 a.m. - 2003-07-05


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