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phone call

very vivid. i dreamed that my father had come into my bedroom and i'd given him a msg about the cancelled wednesday meeting. he was disappointed. he asked if he (r.) was going to call back, and i said i had no idea. dad picked up one of t.'s records and stuck it in the player as if it were a laserdisc. then the phone rang again, and it was r. dad sat on one of my z-back chairs -- the one with the loose screws, hmm! -- and complained loudly and passionately to r. that t. was still into the music and dj-ing. he said, "i thought he would've outgrown it by now!" i thought to myself, "good luck with that one." he told r. how t. had been arrested in illinois with a few of his friends and "all kinds of ID's, some from london, and a poseidon! i mean, that's the one they've been trying to get!" as if the poseidon connection were particularly amusing but onerous. then he wandered down the hall, still talking. i woke up thinking it was mostly real.

1:47 a.m. - 2003-07-05


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