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Wedding guest

The space from the family room to the dining room in IL was overrun by dust and paper garbage. A stiff wind was blowing. I looked up to find my dog seated at an outdoor wedding table. How did he get up in the seat? Such a mystery. A storm was brewing. My memories were being blown around and overwritten. Tsk. I went around the corner to a steep staircase. The bride had already chosen her gown and was gliding up the staircase in it. I did not see her face. It was not a wedding gown. Glittery, reminded me of a Barbie dress. At the top of the stairs she continued out of view.

Old memories, new memories, stagnation, march of time, wonder, maybe some jealousy.. Mental storms. Weddings mean different things to different people.

4:51 p.m. - 2014-12-23


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