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Inside the banister

Sitting on a couch discussing another dream with a Hispanic woman. I was sitting in a parlor or some stranger's living room. I remember the couch and curtains being cherry red. I was trying to tell her about the time I looked in the hole in the banister where the baluster would be, and discovered another floor to the house I lived in. And I knew the family living under the bannister, I just had no idea they'd been there. Neither I nor the family were ghosts. It was just a weird accidental discovery. I had a big old book on my lap. One of us said something about choosing a Tarot card. We just kind of looked at each other before I woke up.

I think this was about all the time I've spent lately looking at houses on Zillow again, thinking about moving. And doing a couple Tarot spreads. Pretty basic.

8:55 a.m. - 2015-01-13


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