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I’ll have the choral AA with a side of bad boundaries

For some reason I began attending a meeting that I thought was similar to AA waaaayyy across town, like 50 miles from home. When I first walked in a woman told me they were all in AA. I’m not as I am not addicted to anything but I figured it didn’t matter. I subsequently missed a few meetings in a restaurant because I was late. At the next meeting I was informed there was a dress code. Going forward I should be wearing a white shirt in case we performed. What? We were going to be singing… I was clearly out of my element. I had joined this group without asking its purpose and it was about to bite me. Choral AA… I was informed that a Bob Mortimer-type would be sponsoring me. Fair enough. However, at this particular meeting a fellow attendee began behaving super strangely toward me and I was uncomfortable. I was confused — did he think we were dating? He was standing super close to me near a big oval table. I was about to declare it all in my head when he kissed the side of my head. I refused to turn around. I had never met him — we didn’t know each other’s names, had no relationship! Ugh what the hell.

7:41 a.m. - 2022-12-03


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