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Hope that woman is gone

It couldn’t possibly be my strangest dream ever but…. I dreamed T and I were in what he described as my house, but was much larger than any house I’ve ever owned. It seemed to not have a lot of furniture. Anyway, we were upstairs and T was in the house with me. He complained twice I think that he could not use one of the computers because of the moisture. I did not know what he was talking about and ignored the comment. He made a reference to sleeping over and I was okay with that. Upon the second moisture comment with reference to it being all over in there, I started to get nervous that there was a water leak. I told him to call dad, but if it were my house, of course it would be my responsibility. When we were alone in the room where he was going to sleep, I pinched a chunk of his skin near the ribcage. I don’t know that he reacted, so I squeezed harder and grabbed another chunk elsewhere. I feel like I was trying to get information, but what info? He already told me the house was leaking. He expressed a reluctance to go into a particular room because of a woman in there. What woman? I went to look and that’s when I was literally grabbed and dragged around the room by an unseen power. I looked to see if my family saw this and yep! Witnessed the whole maneuver. I was starting to react when I suddenly woke up. My heart was racing; must’ve gotten my face covered again.

5:40 a.m. - 2021-12-02


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