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Bump in the night

Last night I watched the Halloween episode of Ghost Adventures and then dreamed about what I think was the L*ng house from IL. I'm not sure whether I lived there, but I must have? I dreamed that another girl lived there also, a school girl who looked like Kirsten Dunst. I believe it was she who had attracted the attention of a heavyset bald guy who clearly had time to burn. He would show up at the house and just hang around. The people who lived there were having some difficulty directly telling him to get lost so the problem was persisting. I personally thought he should kick rocks, but I felt it was going to take more effort than most people to make it happen. We came home once to find him on the side of the house on a ladder. He had no explanation for his behavior, nor did he get down when confronted. He would show up in various places in public, seeming to be innocuous but sticking out to me. He was beginning to tell people that we were bothering him, classic table turning psychopathy. The last thing that occurred was several cabinets came off the wall and crashed to the ground with the dishes inside them. I turned to the head of the household and said, "That's never happened before, not even from Pepcon." Being such a specific reference, I think I have watched my last episode of the show for a while.

6:23 a.m. - 2015-11-02


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