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Showing off, sleep, dad

A Lissette-like person invited me to go to Dallas to support social welfare activities, some rally, but I did not say yes immediately. Instead I went to my crush (whom I don't believe had any interest) and told him I was going out of town. He said, ok. Ok course he said that. Haha. Then I went "home," which was kind of a locker-room type of area with a public pool behind the wall, and considered remodeling... But only on my side. Even in the dream I felt it was dumb to remodel half of a room. I instead went to my dad, who was lounging in the small bedroom, and told him I'd just slept for 12 hours and was finished. He began yelling at me about mid-day sleeping and said I was too tired to do anything.

7:43 a.m. - 2015-11-01


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