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yesterday, i had a work dream in the sense that it was in an office and involved former co-workers -- but it wasn't my or our office. it was divided up like ours, with an inner and outer office, but it felt more like a car dealership or something -- and there was a lot more sunlight. anyway, i dreamed i walked in and forgot mitzi's name. just straight forgot it. i got a carbon-copy form for myself and began filling it out, and got one for her too -- but had to leave the name part blank. i stopped someone walking by and asked them about kathy, and gestured at mitzi. they laughed so hard, they said it was funny enough to tell the front office. i laughed too. then i went over to mitzi's desk, looked over her shoulder, and saw that she was already filling out one of the forms. her name? FRED.

10:28 a.m. - 2003-10-15


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