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quizzing jabbering chickens

it was nighttime, and the place i'd just come out of was a brownstone, not a class building - but it was still a school dream. i dreamed that, after class, i was quizzing people on their medieval paper topics. when i couldn't get a decent idea that way, i stood on the corner jangling my keys. l.f. was there, and was going to take the bus home until she realized that i had a car. she asked me for a ride, and i said yes even though i didn't know where she lived.

we started walking to my car, but i stopped to talk to some guy in a convertible. per usual, i jabbered way too much about myself to him. then he told me he was waiting for his girlfriend. he handed over a picture of her & she was nice-enough looking. he also showed me some pics of other women, most of whom were fat. they were all studio pictures, and i could tell that the girls thought they were hot. the last picture i saw was of a fat, ugly white girl in a gold dress. it didn't surprise me that she'd been with him.

i handed the pictures back and asked l. if she was ready to go. the street had turned into someone's living room, and she'd taken a shower and was on the phone! her hair was wet, so i told her we'd leave in about 20 minutes. i started walking forward and found myself in a mall. it was like a cross between the blvd. and galleria malls, and it was mobbed. i was heading out of the mall when i saw a rotisserie chicken place just near the doors. i couldn't read the menu from where i was, but i could see whole chickens suspended from the ceiling. i never made it out the front door.

1:35 p.m. - 2003-10-08


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