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neglect or life lesson?

i fell asleep after the baseball game and dreamed that i passed someone on the street whom i'd just called from work. i don't know how it came up, but the woman with a shaved head and black eye said she would get her sister for me while i waited. (her sister was a graduate of the school also.) before she went off to do that, she told me about speaking to her three year old nephew on the phone. the child apparently had been sitting on the kitchen table during the conversation, and had fallen off and hit. his. head. on. the. floor. she told me that she'd sat there listening to him cry and waited for him to "regain his composure" before resuming the conversation. uh, ...??? i stood there looking at her bruise, trying to comprehend her statement, while a million things ran through my mind. little kids' heads are sometimes hard, but can they really be expected to shake off a 2 foot, head first fall? oy vey. the woman jumped around unexpectedly while telling the story, and i just thought to myself, 'don't even wait for the sister, just walk away!' i ended the conversation politely and did just that.

this dream is a result of an off-topic conversation with an annual fund donor today, one of many i've had over the last two years. we talked of nothing of this sort, but there have been so many wacky ones that i actually believed it was real for a while.

10:57 p.m. - 2005-10-11


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