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Celebrity scrabble with bacon cheat tiles

I dreamed I was in a restaurant with some current paparazzi bait and some other celebrity friends playing scrabble in public and being very juvenile. These were KK, TB, Cynthia Nixon and some fourth person unseen in the next booth. I was not sitting with them, I was across the room, but I had a white board and tile magnets and we were playing along. They were doing a lot of giggling and the game was breaking down as the person behind the wall was making fart noises at KK and Cynthia and they were missing their turns.
At some point I ran out of tiles but wanted to keep playing. So I looked at my bacon, which was perforated and had letters on it and decided to put it into play. It looked ridiculous of course but I mashed them onto the board anyway. I was able to keep going for a few turns but I was also eating some of the pieces. I’m not sure who was winning.

12:22 p.m. - 2021-09-24


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