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Outrunning a chemical attack

First I was in a building with some people from high school watching a movie in made up dreamland. I went outside to a giant pile of dirt and began climbing it. A man was using a dirt mover to pile more rocks and stuff on it. The dirt pile was on a some kind of campus, to me it seemed university or medical. While standing near the pile I looked up in the sky and saw two chrome canisters flying toward another part of campus. Someone said it was nerve gas and that everybody in one of the other buildings was dead. I ran over there to see, and that's when I knew it was true and I started running for my life. I felt my heart seize up and I worried that I would drop next. I ran out in a public street and realized that if I escaped the gas hanging in the air over the school, there would be assassins in the street with clever dart guns that would take me down.

I ran into the nearest bushes, kind of dove in sideways, but it was futile. The assassin was already in the bushes and fired a poison nail dart at me, but it was too lightweight and not enough to penetrate my pants. I got out of the bushes and ran into the nearest house, looking for a place to hide. I was temporarily transfixed by the decor, which I had to admit was way better than mine and really worked. I ran out of that house and into a series of dorms and apartment buildings, up flights of stairs, over grassland, etc. Just desperately moving my tail. I heard from someone that Colorado Springs was a good place to go. I decided to try to go there and envisioned lush rolling grass and a welcoming sign. Then I woke up. It occurs to me as I am writing this, I was the only one running away the whole time.

10:15 a.m. - 2017-09-23


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