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employee appreciation day

when reminded of the long service of some of his employees, a. started firing people and i was one of the first to go. when i'd heard his intentions, i lowered my chair to its smallest size and literally crawled around the corner to get out of his line of sight. for some reason, i shimmied along the carpet with one hand on the back wall, so he decided to let go "the wiggling finger" first because i was inadvertently drawing attention to myself. my first thought went to c. because of his recent job offer, and i was glad that i wouldn't be unemployed for long. i stood up, strode into a.'s temporary office and told him what a pleasure it had been to work for the company. the thought of having to put "terminated" next to my last job on the new application made me sick though. thanks, man!

8:02 a.m. - 2005-07-29


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