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jabba the buddha and a kiddo

i was a college student frantically writing a timed essay for my professor, jabba the buddha. seriously! the class met on the floor of his palace's library, and i really didn't pay much attention to the others because i was having terrible writer's block. i wrote on all fours, sometimes arching my back in frustration because i couldn't articulate my points. before long i abandoned my writing, somehow shrunk myself down, and raced through the kitchen of the palace in a toy car to deliver something to the buddha. a kitchen worker ran after me, trying hard to step on my car, but i was too quick for him.

since i couldn't negotiate the stairs, i steered my hummer out to the patio and into the garden. as i drove my normal sized self down the street in my own vehicle, a woman appeared in the passenger seat and insisted that i spend time with her little girl. i said, "ok." who was i to this woman and her kid? the woman was replaced by the girl. as i looked at her sandaled feet, i wondered what was in store for me.

11:16 a.m. - 2005-07-31


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