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Stamina is low

Jsf and I got lost in the dark while looking for a Russian girl's building. I wanted to borrow a shirt from her but all of hers were too small and the same type, Oxfordish or denim. They were like a size 2. I eventually lost Jsf and ended up at another girl's house, some rando named Janet, who didn't really like me. She and her family were crammed onto a couch against a wall, and I stood in front of them like Perry Mason in front of a jury box, telling her about a genealogy search about one of her ancestors. I told her I'd found three people of the family and was excited about it, but then I'd become overwhelmed and just given up. She didn't really react. I don't think I was apologizing, just making a statement of fact.

7:25 a.m. - 2018-07-10


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