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france, candy

france, to me, seems to represent independent adult life. last night i dreamed i "went to france" but managed to stay in the same building the entire time, although i did go further "than ever," down its hallways by myself. for some reason this was a big deal, and when i realized i was chucking it all, leaving everyone behind and not communicating my intentions, i felt bad and turned around. the dream ended with me trying to pick out some candy, wouldn't you know, but i wanted foreign candy and all they had was american.

this is interesting on a couple of levels. first, obviously i am seeking change in my life, but the changes i make or want to make won't alter everything -- they'll just be little inroads. second, many hours after posting this dream, i got a job offer that would pay me more but keep me in the same industry. gotta love those lateral career moves! so, france. or maybe just a french airport terminal.

12:00 p.m. - 2005-06-30


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