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convoluted. first of all, i was 25 when i had this dream that i was back in hs, but my then-present age. i needed a ride home, but my ride was busy with her boyfriend and couldn't be bothered. to kill time, i went to visit another hs friend who was working as a pharmacist's assistant near the school. i really wanted to go home, ya know? i looked at my friend, who seemed mad.

he hissed, "you're the reason i can't get martina!" apparently he meant martina hingis, the tennis player. nevermind that he was gay, and a gay teenage pharmacy worker in las vegas. as if! i shook my head and went back to school to think up a getting-home plan. i didn't want to call my dad at work because then i'd have to hang around the office until 5. fuck that.

somehow, pissed-off jerry turned into my boss from that same period (25), whom i'd apparently been dating. his name was b. h., and he was dumping me because i was "preventing him from doing things." it might've been ok but i had to see him all over town, and i was getting bitter. i swear, i'm not that controlling!

so i went over to his house to collect my things, and there he was -- having sex on the kitchen floor with his new girlfriend. @#$$$%%$#%% i had to step around them to get to my clothes in the laundry room. tied up, so to speak, he had nothing to say to me. for some reason, i had a lot of underwear to gather up. i took it back to "our" bedroom to fill up my suitcases. next to his double bed was my twin one from childhood. i piled up my clothes on the twin, left the suitcases, and went back to my own house, which was my childhood home in illinois. it only took an instant to travel the 1750 mile distance.

even though it was kind of cold out, i sat next to the garage with a harry potter book and began to read. while i was reading, my dad came out from the back yard and poured ice water or something down my back! WTF. he was like, "c'mon, i want to show you something." so i looked down at my book and realized i'd skipped a chapter -- a really bad thing, apparently, because then the wind picked up and blew around all my clothes and papers and things in brian's bedroom across the street. the tornado seemed localized. i blew my dad off and (shut up) ran across the street and into his house to clean up the mess. while i was doing that, the phone rang. "brian's house, this is erin?" i said into the receiver. then i just proceded to have an inane conversation with one of his friends.

10:25 p.m. - 2003-08-02


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